Presentations forms

Call for abstracts

One presenter can submit only one abstract where he/she is the first author. The same presenter may be a co-author in other abstracts (the number is not limited).

Summaries of keynote lectures and all abstracts accepted for oral and poster presentations will be published as an e-book of abstracts.

Oral presentations

Duration of the presentations:

Keynote speakers – 30 min.
Other oral presentations –10 min.

The presenters are expected to report to the chair(s) of section 5 minutes before the beginning of the session. Presentations in Power Point format have to be downloaded before the beginning of the oral session. No downloading is allowed directly before the planned time of the presentation.

Oral presentations are to be delivered in English.

Poster presentations

Duration of the presentations - 3 min.
The space guaranteed for every poster is 60 cm (width) x 90 cm (height) (“Portrait”).
Poster presentations are to be delivered in English.

Young scientist’s award

Doctoral and master students who wish to compete for the Young Investigator Award submit the abstract for the oral presentation as the first author and make the presentation by themselves. Poster presentations cannot be nominated for the award. Four awards of equal size are going to be issued, one for each conference topic.

Topics of the Conference

- Educational and psychological aspects of athletes‘ and coaches’ training
- Sports physiology, biochemistry, and medicine
- Motor learning and performance
- Physical activity, recreation, and health
- Adapted physical activity and rehabilitation

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