Keynote Speakers


Duarte Araujo

  • The ecological dynamics of skill learning in sport
University of Lisbon
  • Portugal

Agris Liepa

  • Comparison of Virtual Reality Game with 3D Headset and Online Yoga in Improving Functional Performance, Balance and Cognitive Functioning in Seniors – Feasibility Study
Latvian Academy of Sport Education
  • Latvian

Hubert Makaruk

  • The FUS test as an assessment tool for learning
Józef Piłsudski University of Physical Education in Warsaw,
University College in Biala Podlaska
  • Poland

Daniel Mayorga-Vega

  • Evaluation and promotion of habitual physical activity from Physical Education

University of Málaga

  • Spain

Jarek Mäestu

  • Internal load as marker for training monitoring in endurance sports
University of Tartu
  • Estonia

Rafael Merino Marban

  • Effect on performance of different stretching techniques implemented during warm-up

University of Málaga

  • Spain

Miguel Moreira

  • Task description as a key factor to achieve a representative design of the performance context

University of Lisbon

  • Portugal

Rūtenis Paulauskas

  • How COVID-19 pandemic changed European basketball competition

Vytautas Magnus University

  • Lithuania

Jared M. Porter

  • Current trends in motor behavior research in the pursuit of expertise development

University of Tennessee

  • USA

Oron Levin

  • Muscle-brain crosstalk

Lithuanian Sport University

  • Lithuania